nursing home abuse and neglect

Nursing Home Residents Still Feeling Isolated as Visitation Restrictions Lessen

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, nursing homes across the United States saw just how quickly the virus could spread.  To help prevent the spread, nursing homes began limiting in-person contact between nursing home […]

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Corona virus deaths

Could Coronavirus Nursing Home Deaths Have Been Prevented?

Around 40 percent of COVID-19 (coronavirus) related deaths in the United States have occurred in nursing homes.  Nursing home residents and staff account for a startling 68,000 deaths.  Now, families and advocates are questioning whether […]

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Report Says Nursing Homes Underreport Bedsores, UTIs and Falls

A report based on public data analysis says that nursing homes underreport serious injuries like bedsores, urinary tract infections (UTIs) and falls.  The report comes from Integra Med Analytics, and Austin-based company that performs analysis […]

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Advocates Question Why Utah Nursing Home Deficiencies Were Not Shared

Advocates are questioning why nursing home deficiencies at Utah facilities were not shared with doctors and families.  A series of deficiencies and penalties has many concerned about nursing home regulation in the state.  Could lax […]

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Nursing Home Residents Go Viral with Words of Wisdom

At a time when news headlines are mostly grim, Nursing Home Abuse Center would like to highlight some news that is a bit more positive.  We have recently learned about a video made by nursing […]

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earth wearing a surgical mask

COVID-19: A Global Crisis in Nursing Homes Continues

Long before the novel coronavirus COVID-19 was on the radar, health officials warned that nursing homes were vulnerable.  Many believe that those warnings fell on deaf ears.  As coronavirus in nursing homes has spread, facilities […]

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Covid Trial

Eli Lilly Begins COVID-19 Drug Trial in U.S. Nursing Homes

United States-based drugmaker Eli Lilly is beginning a late-stage drug trial to determine if their experimental COVID-19 antibody treatment could prevent the virus from spreading in nursing homes.  The drugmaker is launching the trial in […]

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elderly man wearing a mask

COVID-19 Cases Surge in Texas Nursing Homes

The rate of COVID-19 cases in Texas nursing homes are surging, according to recent data.  The rate of nursing home residents testing positive has increased more than 60 percent since the beginning of July.  The […]

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coronavirus cut out

42 Percent of Coronavirus Deaths are in Nursing Homes

The United States is looking toward reopening and getting back to business as usual (or at least a new form of usual).  The number of coronavirus deaths and new cases is plateauing in many states.  […]

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find a nursing home

Tips for Finding a Quality Nursing Home During a Pandemic

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 is uprooting many areas of life.  For families considering nursing home care for a loved one, it is causing them to second guess such a move.  COVID-19 outbreaks in nursing homes […]

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