Physical Abuse

Physical abuse in nursing homes causes residents deep physical and emotional pain. Know how to spot the signs and get help.
physical abuse

It may be difficult to believe that nursing home employees physically assault the seniors living under their care, but it is an all-too-common occurrence.  Physical abuse can leave not only physical pain and scarring, but also cause your aging loved one great emotional pain.

If you believe your family member is the victim of physical abuse (assault), a nursing home abuse lawyer can help.  Call Fight Nursing Home Abuse at 1-866-548-9636 for more information about how to protect your loved one and his or her legal rights.

Physical Abuse Includes Many Types of Forceful Activities

Physical abuse is assault.  Many people think of hitting, kicking or slapping when they consider physical abuse.  The reality is that there are other ways nursing home staff can use intentional, inappropriate force on a resident.  This may include:

  • Pushing and shoving
  • Inappropriate use of restraints
  • Unnecessary confinement
  • Using drugs to alter their state of consciousness
  • Other actions that use inappropriate force

If your loved one is suffering from elder abuse at the hands of their caregivers, do not hesitate to take action.  Even when residents are combative or difficult to handle, there is no excuse for a doctor, nurse, assistant or other staff member to resort to violence, assault or other types of physical abuse.

physical abuse

Seniors living in nursing homes, or who otherwise rely on caregivers to meet their basic needs, are among the most vulnerable populations.  As a family member of someone living in a long-term care facility, you are the best advocate they have to keep them safe and ensure they have the best quality of life possible. 

Spotting the Signs of Physical Abuse in a Nursing Home

Knowing what to look for when it comes to identifying signs of abuse is vital to ensuring your loved one’s safety.  This is especially true if your elderly family member has dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive issues or cannot communicate their needs.

Common signs of physical abuse or assault can include:

  • Unexplained bruising, cuts, welts or other injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Improper distribution of medication
  • Dislocated joints
  • Unexplained soft tissue injuries
  • Broken glasses, hearing aids, and other devices
  • Marks on wrists from restraints
  • A resident who fears a particular caregiver
  • A caregiver who refuses to give you access to your family member without their presence

If you see any of these signs and you believe the resident needs emergency medical care, do not hesitate to call 911.  You should also make sure that your loved one gets medical treatment as soon as possible. 

Take Action to Hold the Abuser and Nursing Home Accountable

If your loved one has suffered abuse or neglect at the hands of a caregiver, a nursing home abuse lawyer can guide you through the process of holding the abuser and the nursing home accountable.

As a part of handling your physical nursing home abuse case, you can expect us to:

  • Investigate what occurred, including interviewing witnesses and gathering evidence of your loved one’s injuries
  • Work to identify the abuser and prove liability
  • Enlist the help of expert witnesses and others when necessary
  • Build a solid case to support our pursuit of compensation for your loved one

As an advocate for your loved one, we will stand up to their abuser and the system that allowed the abuse to occur.  We will fight for the justice your elderly family member deserves.  We may be able to negotiate an out-of-court settlement in these cases, although sometimes litigation is necessary.

Each state maintains a statute of limitations on these cases, and the clock starts ticking on the day of the incident or injury.  By the time you learn what happened, you could already be days or even weeks behind.  Call us as soon as possible for a free review of your situation.  In some cases, we have as little as six months to give notice of our intention to file a claim.

Recoverable Damages in a Physical Nursing Home Abuse Case

The recoverable damages in nursing home abuse cases differ based on the victim’s actual expenses and losses related to their abuse.  As a part of investigating your loved one’s case, we will collect evidence of their damages.  This may include: 

  • Necessary medical care related to the assault
  • Psychological therapy and treatment
  • Out-of-pocket costs
  • Reimbursement of financial losses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish

Wrongful Death Damages

If your elderly family member passed away because of nursing home abuse, you may be eligible to pursue damages by filing a wrongful death claim.  Our team can review your case and help you understand your options.

Call Us Today About Your Physical Abuse in Nursing Homes Case

If your loved one suffered abuse or neglect at the hands of a caregiver or other nursing home employee, an attorney can help you seek justice for them.  A nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer will go to work protecting your family member’s rights, helping them regain their dignity and building a solid case to pursue compensation. Call 1-866-548-9636 today for a free review of your case.

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