Nursing Home Residents Go Viral with Words of Wisdom


At a time when news headlines are mostly grim, Nursing Home Abuse Center would like to highlight some news that is a bit more positive.  We have recently learned about a video made by nursing home residents in Australia that has gone viral.  The subject of the video “You Only Get One Life; Make the Very Most of It.”

In the video, residents offer words of wisdom that everyone can learn from. 

Nursing Home Residents Offer Words of Wisdom

Administrators at Waratah Lodge in Wagin took photos of nursing home residents holding a white board.  The board features the resident’s name and age, and a message that he or she would like to share.  The now-viral video features a variety of residents offering practical advice, words of wisdom and inspiration for younger generations. 

In the weeks since the original video went viral, administrators for Orbost Regional Health have continued to survey nursing home residents on relatable topics.  The surveys include items like saving money, dating and activities residents would like to try.  Fox News reports that the responses have been, at times, hilarious. 

Administrators say that residents are in good spirits and are “very resilient” and optimistic given the uncertain times.  The first video that went viral in June 2020 was just the beginning.  After receiving thousands of likes and comments, administrators decided to make the posts a weekly event.  Now, the nursing home residents are responding to weekly surveys and offering practical advice and more than 1141 years of memories and experience. 

At a time when visitors are restricted and the COVID-19 pandemic is making headlines, these residents are offering hope, humor and inspiration to their growing body of followers. 

Words of Wisdom from Nursing Home Residents

To offer inspiration to our readers, we would like to share some of the words of wisdom from these residents. 

Words of Wisdom from Nursing Home Residents

These are just a few examples of the words of wisdom being offered by these incredible men and women.  You can view more responses and photos of residents on the Orbost Regional Health Facebook page

Advice in the Midst of a Pandemic

One of the most interesting things about the words of wisdom shared by these nursing home residents is that they reflect many different viewpoints and periods in their lifetimes.  Some of these individuals have lived through unimaginable hardships, times of war and economic recession. 

While the world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these residents agree that things could be worse.  According to Jo Marshall, director of clinical and aged care services at Orbost, tells Yahoo Life,

“They [residents] comment that this pandemic isn’t so bad, they have lived through worse!”

With so many people struggling during this unprecedented pandemic, it is some comfort to know that our senior citizens have battled illness and worse, and they continue to live and thrive.  Furthermore, they continue to tell their tales and offer inspiration for younger generations who may feel hopeless during this time. 

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